We pride ourselves on strong relationships with our team of loyal photographers and aim to bring out the best in each supplier's work. If you are interested in becoming a Rex supplier please tell us a little more about yourself in the form and we'll get right back to you.

For new and existing suppliers, please note our technical, editorial and stock & archive submission guidelines below.

Techy stuff - the three 'F's

File size, format & filenames

Please send the maximum file size from the camera, in JPG format, compressed at Photoshop Level 8 or 9 (low compression, high quality). Please do not send TIFF, PSD or RAW/NEF/CR2 files, please.

Set your camera's Colour Space to sRGB and supply all images in RGB mode.

Please rotate images to the correct orientation for viewing.

If scanning from your film archive, files should ideally be around 40 - 60 MB for 35mm and 60 - 80 MB for medium format.

Safe characters for filenames are: a-z 0-9 - (minus sign) _ (that's an underscore)

Punctuation characters like + / , \ | = * ! ? " ' ` are often reserved characters on various operating systems and should be avoided.

Completing IPTC Fields for 'Editorial' images

(That's general news and entertainment images.)

That's the 'IPTC Stationery Pad' (Photo Mechanic) 'File Info' (Photoshop) or 'Metadata' (Lightroom)

Please complete these THREE fields - other fields can be completed or left blank as you wish.

  1. Date Created: The date the photo was taken
  2. Headline: The Event / Story title, with geographical location, and written date, set out like these examples:

    'Spectre' film premiere, London, UK - 26 Oct 2015
    Kate Moss out and about in Los Angeles, America - 25 Jun 2015
    Formula One Australian Grand Prix 2015, Melbourne, Australia - 15 Mar 2015
    Celebrities at Mahiki night club, London, UK - 01 Aug 2015

  3. Caption/Description: A caption for that individual image within the set. It might be the name of the person pictured or a description of what is taking place in that individual image.  Please do not add any other info; your name, date etc. to this field.

If the set is Exclusive, has published already, or if you wish to notify us of anything else please use the Special Instructions field.

Please type all content in mixed case.

Stock and Archive submissions

If you regularly produce commercially useful images to a professional standard we'd be happy to see them with a view to representing them in the marketplace. Rex makes a very straightforward split of revenues and takes this reciprocal relationship with our suppliers very seriously.

In the first instance please fill out the form and take a look at the requirements we have for filing material with us.

This equally applies to people in a position to make larger collections of images available for licensing and we'd be happy to talk about the best way forward with regard to metadata.

We look forward to hearing from you.


We require any Model Release information to be included in the IPTC metadata. If it is not we will assume the image has no Model Release and it will be considered as such.

We are happy to see manipulated images and montages but this fact must be stated in the IPTC metadata and is the supplier's responsibility.

We do not have a minimum file size as we do not want to receive interpolated files, but we do want to receive files at the maximum size the DSLR can output.

The files are unlikely to look their best straight from the camera and should be reasonably 'printed in' and presentation ready but files that are oversaturated or have too much contrast ('blown' highlights) will probably not be of use to us. (While we require jpeg submissions, we strongly recommend shooting in the camera's native RAW format and saving the corrected files as low compression jpegs for submission.)

Files can be supplied by ftp drop off to our server, by ftp pickup (but not from web based clouds) or they can be sent in on a disc.

Completing IPTC Fields for 'Stock' images

  1. Date Created: This should be the date the camera took the picture. This is the date which will be used. Make sure it is not overwritten as the 'date modified' or 'date saved' in the jpeg file.
  2. Headline: This should be a broad, inclusive group description of the pictures being submitted. For example, 'Tunisia' or 'Office Job'. Do not put information in here that is specific to each particular image as it will be overwritten. If the images are not suited to this type of grouping then just put 'Stock' or leave the Headline blank.
  3. Caption/Description: This should be a description of the image and what it contains. 'An empty refrigerator with the door open and the light on'. If the image has model release this should also be stated here. 'Young woman kneeling down to look inside an empty refrigerator with the door open and the light on - Model released'.
  4. Keywords: We are happy to see keywords so long as they are helpful search terms and do not list things which are inappropriate to the image and would confuse other search results. In our example we would probably accept 'Midnight - Snack - Snacks - Snacking', and alternative terms, like 'Fridge'. Do not put too many keywords as we will have to remove all keywords if there are too many unhelpful ones and the main terms should already be in the caption.

Send us your details